vaporizersAs we all know very well, nicotine is a chemical found in the tobacco plant and is the main addictive component of cigarettes.

When we inhale from the cigarette, the smoke delivers the nicotine into the lungs, from there it passes into the blood and, between ten and sixty seconds later, nicotine crosses the blood-brain barrier and penetrates the brain, releasing abundant dopamine and, so to speak , limiting the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which controls this excess dopamine. Over time, these neurotransmitters react less readily to nicotine, so the need to ingest more will increase.

In broad outline, this would be the nicotine function in our body when we smoke. However, nicotine, being harmful to our health, is not the worst of the more than 4,000 components present in cigarettes. Nicotine is the one that creates the addiction to tobacco, but it is not carcinogenic. The components that cause cancer are others, such as carbon monoxide or tar.

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